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HP Spectre x360 13 review: Convertible champion?



(Pocket-lint) – The HP Spectre x360 13 is a bit of a dream convertible laptop. Not much has changed in this 2020-2021 version apart from a shift to Intel’s 11th Gen processors. But these bring a significant jump in performance, especially for gaming, with no downsides. 

You have plenty of laptops to choose from with this much cash to spend. You could get a (admittedly non-convertible) MacBook Air, a Dell XPS 13 2-in-1, or a Lenovo Yoga 9i (although the Shadow Black model we saw we can’t recommend). 

Particular benefits of the HP Spectre x360 13 include an ultra-small footprint, a near-perfect hinge design that’s far more sturdy than most, and a great keyboard. This is a style laptop that doesn’t compromise on the basics, and that matters because no matter how expensive a laptop looks or feels, you always take the outer gloss for granted quickly enough. 


  • Dimensions: 16.9 x 194.5 x 306mm
  • Weight: 1.3kg (1.28kg measured)
  • Unibody aluminium shell

HP Spectre laptops are some of the most striking, and perhaps contentious, slim-and-light models we review all year. The HP Spectre x360 13’s look hasn’t changed much in this latest generation, but is still worth a mention. 


It has a thing for angles – like the 45-degree cut-outs in the corners, and peaked contoured edges. It all gives the Spectre x360 a distinct and angular appearance – but not one that all will instantly like. However, HP tempers the look by keeping everything bar the screen border a sedate silver. A couple more striking two-tone finishes are available if you want to fully embrace the Spectre’s provocative style.  

All the HP Spectre x360 13’s panels are aluminium, rather than magnesium. HP could have used the latter to bring the weight below its currently perfectly respectable ~1.3kg. But then you’d lose some of the cool, metallic feel that works hand-in-hand with the laptop’s severe look. 

The Spectre x360 13’s build is exceptional too. There is zero keyboard flex, real Apple-grade rigidity, and the integrity of the flippy hinge is best-in-class stuff.


Use the rival Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 2 on your knees and you’ll notice the screen actually wobbles slightly from the motion. There’s almost none of that in the Spectre x360.

However, the HP’s footprint is actually one of the most notable things here. The Spectre x360 is tiny for a 13-inch machine, shaving off a significant amount of depth. Some of you won’t appreciate this as much as the sub-1kg weight of lighter alternatives. But it helps this laptop fit in smaller bags or onto cramped tables.  


  • 13-inch IPS LCD touchscreen with stylus support
  • Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • 100% sRGB colour, 460-nit brightness

Part of this footprint is down to HP’s cutting down of the screen border at the bottom edge. And, of course, because the HP Spectre x360 13 has a widescreen display rather than the 3:2 aspect ratio some prefer for productivity apps.  


Are you in that crowd? HP caters for you too, now. Hunt down the 14-inch version of the HP Spectre x360 13, which trades the small footprint for more screen space and a larger touchpad. Yes, a “14 13”, weird naming, isn’t it?

HP sent us the “entry-level” screen version of the HP Spectre x360 13. It has a Full HD IPS LCD screen, rather than the 4K OLED you can get if you’re willing to spend more (and probably sacrifice battery life as a result)

This LCD isn’t a true wide colour gamut screen – but we still think it is great. It delivers very high contrast for this style of display, making blacks look rich and deep even when the brightness is maxed. And that top brightness is high enough to work outdoors comfortably enough. 

Resolution is the one obvious shortfall. While 1080p lets you see slight pixellation in text – which is why you might choose to buy a MacBook Air instead – it’s still not a low resolution per se. Where almost all Windows laptops of this type offer 1080p as a starting resolution, and an ultra-high res one as a pricey upgrade, all MacBook Air models have 1600p screens, which wipe out that slight pixellation. 


The HP Spectre x360 13 also supports a digitiser stylus, with pressure sensitivity. Looking online, it seems you may get one in the box with some packages, but ours didn’t include the stylus (based in the UK, so it may be a regional thing). This doesn’t seem as essential an accessory as it does in the Lenovo Yoga 9i, though, as there’s nowhere to store then pen in the laptop itself. 

Keyboard and Touchpad

  • 2-level backlight
  • Textured glass touchpad 

The HP Spectre x360 13 is at heart a pretty straightforward laptop. It’s a good job, then, that HP has the basics aced.


For one, it has a very good keyboard. There’s plenty of key travel, zero flex to the keyboard plate, and meaty-but-quiet feedback when you press the keys. This is not necessarily what you’d expect from a style-driven portable laptop in 2021. But HP has not forgotten this element is pretty important for those who actually work eight hours a day in front of the thing. 

There’s a two-level backlight for confidence when typing in darker rooms. And the only concession to the Spectre’s low-depth case design is that a row of function buttons are shifted to the right of the keyboard. We guarantee you’ll press Page Up/Down accidentally a hundred times, but you’ll get used to the layout in the end. 

The touchpad is trimmed down more substantially to fit the Spectre x360 13’s shape, but is still very good. It has a smooth textured glass surface, and a confident clicker that isn’t affected by pressure places around the pad itself. 


There’s a hint of pre-click float, which is usually something to complain about. But here it actually seems deliberate, to lend the pad a greater sense of click depth. 

The HP Spectre x360 13 also has a little fingerprint scanner, below the arrow keys. It is not as subtle as a pad built into a keyboard key or a power button, but then HP doesn’t exactly have much space to work with here and its responsiveness is sound enough. Plus, as you can see, subtlety isn’t the name of the game when it comes to design. 

There’s also, sadly, no room for a good webcam. A 720p camera sits in the screen surround, and it doles out a soft, noisy image like the vast majority of laptops in this class. Puts it on par with a MacBook then, but that’s another way of saying it’s not nearly good enough for this day and age.


  • Intel Core i7-1165g7 CPU
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 512GB Intel Optane SSD

The HP Spectre x360 13 is an Intel Evo laptop. This is a new quality seal from Intel that ensures you get quick-resume from sleep, a Thunderbolt 4 port, fairly fast charging, and good battery life too. And it all revolves around Intel’s 11th Gen processors. 


Our HP Spectre x360 13 has an Intel Core i7-1165g7 processor with 16GB RAM and a 512GB Intel Optane SSD. This makes Windows 10 fly. And while it doesn’t quite have the raw power of the MacBook Pro’s M1 processor, there are not going to be any compatibility headaches – as this is a more conventional CPU. 

Gaming is the most noticeable performance improvement you’ll see in this generation. Laptops like this traditionally use the graphics chipset baked into the main processor, and Intel’s traditionally are not all that good. But the HP Spectre x360 13 has the Intel Xe chipset, which brings performance up to that of an entry-level Nvidia dedicated graphics card. 

We’ve tested a bunch of laptops with Xe graphics recently. They let you play Skyrim at Ultra graphics settings, Subnautica at a fairly pretty Medium, Euro Truck Simulator 2 with everything turned on, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance at 900p with good results. 

How about GTA V? That runs just fine too, delivering frame rates in the 40s at the default graphics settings. Intel has finally caught up with AMD, delivering results similar to what you’d see in a Ryzen 7 4700U laptop – like the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 – or a last-gen Intel one with a dedicated Nvidia MX350 graphics card. 


We’ve been waiting for this moment for ages: you can treat a laptop like the HP Spectre x360 13 a bit like a last-gen games console, even though it is not remotely made for the purpose. 

The HP Spectre x360 13 is also silent when you do light work that doesn’t tax the processor, causing the fans to start spinning. These latest-generation chipsets seem to have a better handle on heat than their predecessors. It’s not silent when you run GTA V, of course, but avoids the annoying high-pitch whirr you sometimes get with small laptops. 

The HP Spectre x360 13’s speakers are reasonable, but not quite as the same level as those of a MacBook Pro or Lenovo Yoga 9i. There’s the small portion of bass that largely separates good speakers from poor ones and the tone is even enough, but maximum volume doesn’t break out of the so-so laptop mould. 

Battery Life

  • 60Wh battery
  • 65W charger
  • USB-C charging

The HP Spectre x360 13 has a 60Wh battery – the same size this series has used for a few generations now. It’s a mid-size battery – which is no surprise given the laptop’s footprint – but lasts very well considering the laptop uses an Intel CPU, which aren’t quite as frugal on power as the latest AMD Ryzen models.


In our hands it lasted 12 hours 15 minutes when streaming video over Wi-Fi at the sort of brightness level you might use indoors. Not bad, right? The Intel Evo mark guarantees nine hours of general use, so the HP Spectre x360 13 is a good way ahead of that. 

Its charger is a 65W brick – uh oh, it’s not exactly in keeping with the laptop’s elegant style – but at least it’ll bring the charge to around 50 per cent in a mere half-hour. 


The HP Spectre x360 13 is a laptop focused on quality. Its build is exceptional. You get the cool and hard feel of aluminium, very low-flex panels and a non-wobbly convertible display hinge. Its keyboard is far better than the thin, clicky designs used in plenty of slim laptops. And while the weight isn’t dramatically low, this laptop’s footprint is among the smallest in its class. 

Sure, you don’t get a slot-in stylus and for the deepest display colour you’ll need to upgrade to the 4K OLED version, but HP has aced the parts that affect your day-to-day experience using this machine. Don’t be confused by the funky angular design, HP knows the importance of getting the basics right. Oh, and it costs less than the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1, which is an added bonus. It’s top marks all round.

Also consider

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1


It’s pricier for the same spec, but you have to pay big to get the comparable Dell XPS convertible. It also has a shallower keyboard and a larger footprint, although the touchpad is a lot bigger too, which may appeal. 

MacBook Air


Apple doesn’t make a convertible laptop – but the Air is probably the laptop you might consider in this HP’s stead. It has a sharper display and doesn’t use a fan at all, so stays silent 24/7. However, the keyboard is shallower, which may be an issue for those who spend a lot of typing tapping out emails and docs. 

Writing by Andrew Williams.

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According to developer kdrag0n, it reportedly contains proof that Google is planning an under-display fingerprint scanner for the Pixel 6. He seen a reference to ‘UdfpsControllerGoogle’ in code from the second Android 12 developer preview, which is a beta model of the software program for builders. Android 12 is the subsequent main replace to Android, however it’s not anticipated till later this 12 months.

The “Udfps” is for “under-display fingerprint scanner”. It was talked about as a part of a path, which, as XDA Developers claimed, suggests it’s being developed for a Pixel cellphone, particularly. It’s not merely a sign of official assist for under-display scanners in Android 12. That stated, because the function is buried in beta code, it might by no means come to fruition.

While Google isn’t assured to launch its subsequent Pixel cellphone with an under-display fingerprint scanner, a earlier Android 12 developer preview additionally hinted Pixel telephones will assist a solution to unlock units that makes use of facial recognition and an under-screen fingerprint scanner. 

Android 12 likely won’t release for consumers until September 2021, so we suspect many more upcoming features will surface from the betas in the coming months, perhaps even more proof of an under-display fingerprint scanner.

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When is the OnePlus 9 collection launch? 

The OnePlus 9 collection launch occasion is scheduled for Tuesday 23 March 2021 at 7am PDT (10am EDT/2pm GMT). Below you will discover a handful of different timezones, so remember to mark your calendar and comply with the steps under for the best way to really watch the occasion:

  • New York – 10am EDT
  • San Francisco – 7am PDT
  • London – 2pm GMT
  • Central Europe – 3pm CEST
  • New Delhi – 7:30pm IST
  • Tokyo – 11pm JST 
  • Sydney – 1am AEST 24 March 2021

How to look at the occasion

The occasion will likely be streamed on the OnePlus website in addition to the OnePlus YouTube channel. You can watch it through the video hosted above.

What to anticipate from the launch

Here’s all the things OnePlus will doubtless announce throughout its occasion…


OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus not too long ago sent out an invitefor 8 March, the place it introduced a three-year partnership with Hasselblad, while additionally revealing the launch date of the OnePlus 9 collection: 23 March. OnePlus did not say what number of units could be revealed on 23 March, however rumours recommend we’ll see the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, which comply with up on the OnePlus 8T and OnePlus Nord collection.


OnePlus 9R

OnePlus is engaged on its OnePlus 9 collection, with each an ordinary OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro having leaked closely during the last couple of months. There’s one other machine that is additionally been doing the rounds, although: the OnePlus 9R. This machine was additionally known as the OnePlus 9E and the OnePlus 9 Lite previously, but it surely’s now been confirmed – by OnePlus CEO’s – because the OnePlus 9R. 

OnePlus – YouTube

OnePlus Watch

The OnePlus smartwatch has one thing of an extended historical past. Until 2019, it was a “will they, won’t they” hearsay that trundled alongside for years. But with the corporate confirming the watch is being put into manufacturing, it is now greater than hearsay. 

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The finest Beats headphones 2021: Which must you select?



(Pocket-lint) – Beats has one of many world’s most recognisable manufacturers regardless of nonetheless being comparatively younger. Apple’s now owned the model for an excellent few years, although, and its guardian firm has had a giant affect on the tech getting used within the headphones, in addition to its newer designs. 

With fairly a wide array of headphones obtainable throughout all totally different matches, whether or not over-ear, on-ear or in-ear, deciding which pair is finest for you is usually a bit difficult. Luckily for you, we have damaged down each Beats headphone obtainable immediately, overlaying dimension, options and worth.

Quick abstract

There are eight pairs of Beats headphones obtainable, comprising two pairs of over-ears, three pairs of on-ears and three pairs of in-ears.

  • Beats Studio 3 Wireless are an over-ear design and may join wirelessly to your cell machine. They’re obtainable in a spread of colors, have energetic noise cancellation expertise and the brand new W1 chip.
  • Beats Solo Pro characteristic an on-ear design, however with a extra premium design than its predecessor, the Studio 3’s ANC engine, up to date H1 Chip and nice battery life. 
  • Beats Solo 3 Wireless are an on-ear design, characteristic the brand new W1 chip to immediately connect with your iPhone.
  • Beats EP are on-ears and the most cost effective Beats headphones connecting through wire. 
  • Beats Flex are wi-fi pair of in-ear headphones with a neckband and have the W1 chip. 
  • Powerbeats 4 are sports-orientated in-ear wi-fi headphones, with the H1 chip and an ear-hook design.
  • Powerbeats Pro are, primarily, a real wi-fi model of the Powerbeats 4 however with an improved design and the identical inner tech because the Apple AirPods. 
  • urBeats are typical in-ear headphones.

Beats Studio 3 Wireless

Chunky headphones that convey highly effective sound.


The Beats Studio 3 Wireless are an over-ear headphone design that encapsulates your complete ear contained in the ear cup. This design helps to dam out exterior noises, though it is aided additional by energetic noise cancellation (ANC). This new ANC is totally different to earlier iterations, in that it always adjusts its frequency to match the sound of your atmosphere, making it extra versatile.

The built-in rechargeable battery can final over 22 hours, and the light-weight construct mixed with the comfortable supplies used will imply you may wish to maintain them in your head for so long as doable. There are controls on the headphones themselves to skip tracks, change quantity and settle for telephone calls. 

The Beats Studio should not simply one of the iconic pairs of Beats headphones obtainable, however one of the iconic pairs of headphones full cease. Soundwise, they’re bassy (as you’d count on), however the complete nature of the audio profile appears to have shifted to make it extra refined. They can go loud and onerous, and the addition of energetic noise cancellation ought to solely assist focus you on the music. 


Beats Solo Pro

Great for individuals who need smaller headphones.


Beats Solo Pro is a pair of headphones that takes the smarts and noise cancelling of the Studio 3 and places them in a smaller, on-ear pair of headphones. It’s arguably the most effective pair of wi-fi headphones Beats has made so far. 

The headphones themselves characteristic a premium anodised aluminium arm that slides easily out and in of the headscarf, whereas the ear cups have reminiscence foam-stuffed padding. It provides extra floor contact than its predecessor, due to a redesign and new supplies. The ear cups are mounted on arms in a method that permits them to maneuver and angle freely to suit every consumer. 

There’s no choice to make use of a wired reference to the Solo Pro, and you should use a Lightning cable to cost them, however they’re nonetheless a implausible pair of on ears. They’re comfy, final ages on a full cost and sound implausible. 


Beats Solo 3 Wireless

A strong set of over-ear cans.


The Solo 3 Wireless have been launched across the identical time because the iPhone 7 and include Apple’s W1 wirless chip. It guarantees larger battery life, a larger Bluetooth vary and improved connectivity choices for iPhone customers.

Touch-sensitive controls are current on the left ear cup for skipping tracks and altering quantity. Beats claims as much as 40 hours of life – they usually do final so lengthy – however naturally you may also plug in a 3.5mm cable for a wired connection to your telephone. Or cost them up for 5 minutes to get three hours of playback time.

In phrases of sound they’re very a lot a pair of Beats headphones, meaning bass in your face. But they do bass very nicely. So should you’re after a strong but transportable pair of headphones, the Solo 3s are for you. 


Beats EP

A pleasant easy approach to get Beats branding with a decrease price.


The Beats EP symbolize one of the reasonably priced methods to get your ears on Beats headphones. They are an on-ear pair of headphones, and join through a standard cable, no Bluetooth wi-fi right here. Beats says the EP headphones have been tuned to breed sound “the way it was meant to be heard”. 

They’re designed for portability and as such, have a light-weight, chrome steel body and include a carry pouch. The cable has a RemoteTalk unit which is appropriate with iOS gadgets to take calls and management your music. 

They’re a classy pair of headphones that may little doubt present the signature, bass-heavy Beats sound and will probably be superb for anybody on the lookout for an reasonably priced headphone improve for his or her telephone. 


Beats Flex

Amazing funds wi-fi audio.


Beats Flex are a welcome replace to the formulation laid out by Beats X, and are among the finest funds wi-fi earbuds round, with a neckband design.

They’re comfy to put on and actually mild, and are available some enjoyable colors, whereas working beautifully with iOS like many of the Beats lineup now, on this case due to the older W1 chip on board. You get 12 hours of battery life, which is basically spectacular for the value, they usually’re actually nice for a busy life-style. If you need some Beats with out breaking the financial institution, these are the apparent resolution. 


Powerbeats 4

Solid older earbuds for operating.


Sports headphones want to remain snugly slot in your ears, present an excellent sound high quality to maintain you motivated and be weatherproof. Fortunately, the Powerbeats 4 tick all these bins – updating the design of the wired Powerbeats line to match the Powerbeats Pro under. 

The Powerbeats 4 have an ear hook fashion match, which makes certain they keep on your ears whenever you’re exercising and include three pairs of ear ideas to make sure a good slot in your ears. The size of the neck cable could be adjusted so you haven’t any further slack flailing about whenever you’re operating they usually’re waterproof, sweat proof and climate proof.

The H1 chip means they connect with your iPhone straight away and the built-in battery lasts as much as 15 hours on a single cost. The sound they produce is large and highly effective, and naturally, has loads of bass. When it involves exercises although, bass is usually a good factor to maintain you pumping. However they are not essentially going to be the most effective pair to make use of for on a regular basis listening. 

The Powerbeats 4 are the best companion for exercises. Their wi-fi and light-weight design, H1 chip for longer battery life and an excellent Bluetooth vary, and fascinating sound will maintain you going for longer. 


Beats Powerbeats Pro

Amazing true wi-fi earbuds, these are perfect for exercising in.


Beats has an alternative choice that loses the wire fully, although, leading to an excellent higher pair of earphones that offer you full freedom when operating or within the health club – they’re unashamedly workout-orientated with the distinctive earhooks, however can simply be used for common listening.

They’re based mostly on the identical expertise because the Apple AirPods, however are as a substitute sweatproof and waterproof. They’re extraordinarily mild in your ears and are available a charging case.

You get tremendous sound throughout the spectrum, however you do not really feel like they’re urgent into your ear – you do not have to get an entire seal. They’re not noise isolating, so do not count on that. Battery life is sensible with 9 hours of fixed listening, whilst you can cost them twice over once more from the case. 



A easy set of earbuds that sound respectable.


The urBeats are a standard pair of Beats in-ear headphones. The supply basic Beats design in a spread of colors, and are wired with a 3.5mm headphone connector, so you’ll be able to plug them into your telephone.

The urBeats supply a cable mic for taking calls, in addition to providing in-line controls. The supply of the music is classically Beats, with loads of bass. 

Writing by Dan Grabham. Editing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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